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Art-Backglass - 8
Art-Playfield/Cabinet - 7.75
Sound - 10
Rules - 9.2
Playfield Design - 7.6
Replayability/Longevity - 9

TOTAL: 8.6     

Art-Backglass - 8
Art-Playfield/Cabinet - 7
Sound - 9
Rules - 8
Playfield Design - 8.5
Replayability/Longevity - 8.5

TOTAL: 8.15


Design: John Borg
Software: Tom Uban

- Nice flowing, fast playing game with great combo rules and End of the line jackpot
- Third flipper . . . welcome back!
- Incorporating the Tron theme in a nice package of strong music and sounds, custom speech in addition to movie quotes
- Recognizer/ Disc does a nice job of randomizing the action

- Lit ramps on the LE are killer
- Killer soundtrack with great bass
- Quorra and Gem shots are frustrating yet very satisfying when made
- 3-D backglass effective and fits theme nicely

- With the change in game philosophy to shorter ball times and more randomness, Tron is by far Stern’s longest playing and most controllable game.
- Ball from jets to left outlane exit can be frustrating.
- Scoring of the Spinner and Bumpers Tron modes are completely worthless
- No skillfully obtainable extra ball in the Pro Model




Art-Backglass -6.5
Art-Playfield/Cabinet -5.5
Sound - 9.25
Rules -6.75
Playfield Design -6
Replayability/Longevity -6.5

TOTAL: 6.75


Design: George Gomez
Software: Stern

- Sounds of the game fit the theme perfectly. Similar to Tron Legacy, Stern makes great use of the robot/electronic sounds and speech that add to the entertainment package.
- The way Stern constructed their ramps for production. Constructing them out of the printed plastic sheet allowed Stern to really give personality to the ramps, making them feel like an organic extension of the playfield.
- Use of QR codes is a great new way to get additional entertainment to the player and to have a more collaborative experience.
- The creative take on splitting the personality of the game right down the middle with the left side being the Decepticons and the right side being the Autobots. The additional option of having players pick the side you want to play as is also a very nice touch.
- Pro model has nice flow

- Playfield artwork along with the insert layout made the game feel very generic to us. Each shot has the same set of inserts, so it really hinders the ability for those shots to have any personality within gameplay.
- From a software perspective the character modes currently in the game also feel generic.
- Ball often does not make it around to the pop bumpers from the plunger lane with it clunking/hitting stuff along the way
- The All Spark hole and Megatron scoop hole can repeatedly have issues rejecting the ball.
- Optimus Prime does not register many of its hits which can leave players extremely frustrated.
- LE model brings the flow to a halt with clunky interfacing and ball flow killing extended ramps/ toys